Strict Theme FAQ

Hello! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my Strict theme recently, so I think it’s time for me to make some kind of post where I answer most of the frequently asked questions.

I really love all your feedback, but because of personal reasons I don’t have the motivation that’s required to respond properly to every question I get, even if I want to. I’m so sorry for this.

But let get this thing started!

Can you help me add [x] to my blog? Can I pay you to do this?

No. I don’t do these kinds of requests, because of motivational problems I mentioned before. If a feature gets requested a lot, I might add it in a future version, but I can’t say when that will be developed and released.

If you want something now, I recommend that you find your closest geek-friend and ask him or her to help you. Buy him/her some lunch, maybe a few beers. If you don’t want any massive changes that’ll probably be enough.

Can you give me directions on how I can add [x] myself?

No. In most cases these requests would take longer time explaining than if I added it myself. The only hint I can give is that if you can’t edit it via the Customize-tool, you’ll have to manually edit the source by clicking Edit HTML (in the Customize-view). Of course, this requires some knowledge in HTML and CSS.

How can I remove the text in the header?

Almost in the bottom of the Customize-view, there’s a field called “Header text”. Adding a single space here will remove the text. The space won’t be visible, because the browser will treat it as “whitespace”, which I guess in layman terms would mean “nothing”.

Can I edit the labels in the sidebar? (Like “a nice image” or “some nice text”)

Not yet, you’ll have to manually edit these with Edit HTML. This is definitely something I’m planning for next release, but I don’t know when that will be.

Can I remove the “Design by Marcus Olovsson” text?

I’d rather not, since it helps others to find my theme. I don’t mind if you change it or move it though. For example, “Theme by Arood” with a link here would be enough.

Am I allowed to make my own theme based on Strict?

Yes! I love when people get creative with my theme. I’d appreciate if you still have a link to my website somewhere though. Please send me your customization when you’re done so I can have a look :)

I found a picture of me on a blog using your theme. Can you remove it?

No, I’m sorry but I don’t have any access to blogs using my theme. You’ll have to contact Tumblr support (type a question and a contact link will appear in the bottom) and ask them to remove the post.

PS. I’m not going to stop supporting this theme or anything. You could say that I’m just a bit burnt out and need a break before I think of adding new stuff.

Hello, my name is Marcus. I build stuff and sometimes I play vidya gaems. I live in Östersund, Sweden.
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